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Encourage one another and build up one another.... 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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Q. Who can enroll in Eagles’ Wings?
A. Eagles’ Wings is open to homeschooling families that are members of CPHE.
Q. What if I am not a member of CPHE but want to join Eagles’ Wings?
A. You must become a member of CPHE at the time of registering for Eagles’ Wings if you aren’t already a CPHE member.
Q. Is the registration fee on the Eagles’ Wings registration form the same registration as joining CPHE?
A. No. They are separate. Joining CPHE is easy! The CPHE membership form can be found here:
Q. I see that new families must meet with a committee member prior to enrolling. How do I arrange that?
A. Please email your name and phone number to and a committee member will contact you.
Q. What is orientation and must I attend?
A. Orientation is the Thursday prior to the first day of class. All families need to attend. It is critical for new families, in particular.
Q. Must I attend all four hours?
A. No. You may attend as few as one hour, or as many as four.
Q. What if the class I want is full?
A. You may request to be put on a waiting list, but we highly recommend that you choose another class for your student.
Q. Does Eagles’ Wings have a dress code?
A. Yes. Full details can be found under the “Rules” section found here:
Q. Must the parents follow the dress code?
A. Yes. At Eagles’ Wings, parents are expected to set the example for the students.
Q. Are shoes required?
A. Yes, please make sure that everyone above nursery age are wearing shoes. Children need to be wearing shoes with straps. Please note that some classes have additional requirements for shoes, such as tennis shoes or other full shoes that grip on the bottom.
Q. If I attend Eagles’ Wings, must I attend Showcase?
A. Yes. Eagles’ Wings participates in CPHE’s Showcase.
Q. When is Showcase?
A. Showcase is the second Tuesday evening of May and December.
Q. What is the primary method of communication within Eagles’ Wings?
A. Eagles’ Wings uses Yahoo groups to communicate via email. You MUST join the Eagles’ Wings Yahoo Group by the time registration closes.
Q. What if I don’t check my email often?
A. You will want to check your email regularly if you enroll in Eagles’ Wings, as it is our primary mode of communication.
Q. Will I be able to drop my children off so I can run errands?
A. No. You must remain on the premises at all time. You will be assigned to aid in a classroom during class periods that your children are enrolled.
Q. I want to enroll my older children, but not my younger one. May I just hang around with my baby all day?
A. No. All children in attendance must be enrolled in a class or nursery.
Q. Will I be able to stay with my children all day?
A. You will be assigned to be an aid in classes that may or may not include your children.
Q. What does it mean to be an aid?
A. An aid helps the teacher as needed, and this varies widely by the class. In some classes the aids are moving constantly as they are passing out things, collecting things, helping students with supplies, projects and more. In other classes, aids seemingly are doing nothing, but in reality they are. They are another set of eyes and a reminder too. Where they sit can often mean the difference between a child listening to the teacher, or paying attention to their neighbor. The aids are there to know how the class flows, they see what is being taught week to week and should the teacher not be able to be there one week they are there to see to it that the class continues in the flow of what the teacher has been doing.
Q. What if I do not like the class I am assigned to aid in?
A. Please notify the committee immediately so they can assess if a change can be made.
Q. Does Eagles’ Wings believe in Creation?
A. Eagles’ Wings holds a Creation based Biblical World View.
Q. Mrs. Doe is my mother-in-law. Can the students call me Miss Jane instead?
A. No. In the tradition of respect, students are asked to refer to adults as Mr. or Mrs. Doe.
Q. Does Eagles’ Wings celebrate Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween?
A. No. Eagles’ Wings does not acknowledge these days.
Q. What if my child is shy or afraid to be without me?
A. Please note this on your registration form and we will accommodate you if we can.
Q. Am I able to choose which classes in which I am assigned to help?
A. You may request to aid in certain classes. The committee will try to meet your request(s) if possible. However, aid assignments are at the discretion of the Eagles’ Wings committee.
Q.  There are some Thursdays I know I will not be able to attend.  How many planned absences are acceptable?
A.  If you have more than two planned absences, we recommend that you join Eagles' Wings at a later time.  Please continue to watch our website for the classes we will offer next semester!
Q. What job will I have?
A. Every family attending Eagles’ Wings will have at least one job. Jobs vary, but could include cleaning a room at the end of the day, cleaning the lunchroom after lunch, cleaning a restroom, vacuuming, etc.
Q. May I choose my job?
A. You may request a certain job, but final job assignments are set by the committee.
Q. May I bring visitors?
A. Visitors are approved on a case-by-case basis, but in general, minor –aged visitors are not allowed.
Q. Can the parent that doesn’t routinely come visit?
A. Both parents of enrolled children are welcomed. They do not count as visitors, but please let the committee know ahead of time so we can have a name tag ready.
Q. Can I bring my daycare children with me?
A. No. Only your personal family members may attend Eagles’ Wings.
Q. How do I pay the fees?
A. You can pay via cash, via check made payable to “CPHE”. Only cash payments are given a receipt, unless otherwise requested.
Q. I paid when I registered, but now I am withdrawing. Do I get a refund?
A. No refunds will be issued after registration closed
Q. What if the class my child is enrolled in is not a good fit. Can I transfer him to another class?
A. Yes, but only during the first two weeks of the semester. Transfers occurring on or after the first day of classes require teacher approval.
Q. I would like to transfer my child from one class to another. What fees apply?
A. -Prior to one week before registration closes-
---You get a full credit toward the other class you transfer to (refund if applicable), unless your student was enrolled in a class marked “No Refunds.” See class descriptions to see if this applies.
-After registration closes-
---At discretion of the committee, after determining if the fees from the class you are transferring from are still available, you may or may not get a refund or credit for that class fee
Q. What if I owe a balance, due to unpaid Eagles’ Wings Registration left unpaid from current or prior semesters, due to transfer or other fees left unpaid, or due to lunches left unpaid?
A. You are unable to register for future semesters until all unpaid fees are collected.
Q. I didn’t see my question asked here. What should I do?
A. Please send an email to and we will try to get a reply back to you right away!