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Sample Withdrawal Letter

If you choose to homeschool a child who is currently enrolled in a public school, the following sample withdrawal letter may be helpful to you. Please be aware that you are not required by Missouri law to submit a withdrawal letter to your public school system.

Mom and Dad Doe
1234 My St.
My Town, MO 6XXXX

Today's date

John (or Jane) Doe, Superintendant.
567 Public School Drive
My town, MO 6XXXX

Dear Sir (or Madam):

Pursuant to the provisions of chapter 167.031 (RSMo), we have elected to educate our xxxxxth grade son/daughter, Shannon at home.

Please forward all records that you have accumulated on our son/daughter to the above address. Include all health records, the latest standardized test results, and all other evaluations, records and reports presently in your files.

We realize that you have statutory responsibility for the investigation of cases of suspected truancy regarding public school students. Therefore, this letter is being sent to allow you to relinquish that responsibility from the public school system.

It must be pointed out, however, that this letter shall not be construed to be a "declaration of enrollment" or registration, which is an option contained in Chapter 167.042 (RSMo), nor are you permitted to include our child(ren) as part of your student count for the purpose of obtaining state or federal money.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.


Mom and Dad Doe