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Regional Spelling Bee

Tuesday, Apr 30, 2019, 12:30 pm

Harmony Vineyard Church, 600 NE 46th St, Kansas City, MO 64116

This relaxed spelling bee is for students who want a friendly bee, but with real competition.

Join in on the fun and possibly motivate your students to study and learn!


There are 9 competing levels possible.

A trophy is awarded for first place at each competing level.

A ribbon is awarded for 2nd place at each competing level.

All participants receive a participation certificate.


Registrations are due online by Monday, April 15th, 2019

Online Registration Form

Registration payments may be made by cash or check at the event, or mailed by April 15 to: CPHE P.O. Box 901969 Kansas City, MO. 64190

Spelling Bee Rules and Guidelines

Preparation Guidelines

Please instruct your student to say "hyphen" when spelling a word that has a hyphen (i.e., x-ray would be spelled "x hyphen r a y")

Please instruct your student to say the word “space” when there is a space in a word that has a space (i.e., jump rope would be spelled “j u m p space r o p e”)

Encourage your student to pronounce the word he is given before and after spelling it so the judge knows he is finished. (No one will be eliminated, however for failing to pronounce a word.)

All words for the spelling bee will be taken from the grade level list that you student is entered in except in the case that all the words on the list have been used and there is still no winner or if the judge in the round determines after at least 10 rounds that the remaining contestants are at a "stalemate". At that point the judge may move to the next higher grade list and use those words to determine a winner.

Encourage your student to practice standing to spell his words. Competitors stand when it is their turn to spell.

At The Spelling Bee

All children will receive a name tag with their name and grade level.

These rules will be reviewed with the group and then room assignments will be made.

When the judge gives the contestant a word, the student should pronounce the word, spell the word and pronounce it again so the judge knows he is finished. If the spelling is correct the judge will say "correct". If the spelling in incorrect the judge will say "incorrect" and spell the word correctly.

No student will be given the same word as another student except in the final round (see below.)

The student may ask the judge to repeat the word, define it or use it in a sentence.

All judges will be instructed to automatically define or use in a sentence any word that is a homonym or (most of these are marked with * on the spelling list), or any word that might be confused with another word.

Having started to spell a word, a student may stop and start over, retracing the spelling from the beginning. In the retracing there can be no change of letters or their sequence. If there are changes in the respelling, the word will be counted as a miss.

Upon missing the spelling of 2 words, the student drops out of the contest.

Final Round

When there are only two contestants left in the grade level the first round of the bee is over and the elimination procedure changes.

In the Final Round when one child misspells a word, the other child spells the same word. If the second child spells that word correctly he is then given another word. If the second word is spelled correctly, the second child is declared the winner. If the second child misspells the second word, the first child gets a chance to spell that word and then must spell the one after it. In other words, the winner must spell correctly one word that the runner-up missed, plus another word directly after spelling the missed word in order to be declared the winner.

Judges decisions in all rounds are final.

The Lists

CPHE defines a Missouri homeschool as one that is in full compliance with Missouri homeschool law for ages 7-16. Students outside this age group must receive at least 50% of their education at home, exclusive of enrichment programs and/or college courses. Residents outside Missouri must be in compliance with the homeschool law in their state.

Contact the CPHE Spelling Bee Coordinator at